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Our Murrumbeena clinic is moving to 1129 North Road, Oakleigh.

Bluff Road Physiotherapy has a reputation in the local community for delivering exceptional quality service in a personal, professional, safe and effective manner. Our qualified and registered physiotherapists provide personally tailored physiotherapy including education and advice, objective and subjective assessments, physical interventions and exercise prescription.

How can physiotherapy help you?

Physiotherapy is more than just taking care of sports injuries.
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When the sensory mechanism in the inner ear that detects movement of the head and helps to control balance is damaged it can cause dizziness and associated nausea, vertigo or balance problems. Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) is often required to facilitate the recovery process ensuring minimal vertigo dizziness, fatigue and functional impairment.


Cervicogenic headache is pain that is referred to the head from the joints or soft tissues of the neck. A headache/migraine that can alternate sides will always be from your neck. Physiotherapy treatment to loosen the joints and soft tissue of the neck can lead to substantial and sustained reductions of headache frequency and intensity.

Jaw Pain

You may have a jaw joint problem if you experience pain when you chew, speak, or open your mouth wide, clicking, popping, or grating sounds when you chew or open or close your mouth or your jaw gets locked open or closed. Our physiotherapists provide a TMJ Management plan to treat these problems.

Neck Pain

Because the neck is so mobile and your head is quite heavy, it is easily damaged. Damage may occur to vertebrae, joints, nerves, discs, ligaments and muscles. Our physiotherapists can identify the reason for your neck pain and provide proven effective treatment.

Surgery Recovery

Physiotherapy is an essential component to many surgical procedures which aims to ensure your recovery from your procedure is optimised, you have a successful return to work and recreation and can return to your prior level of physical function. Our physiotherapists will work with you both before and after surgery within any guidelines provided by your surgeon.

Back Pain

Back injuries can happen when you do something new, different or strenuous, such as lifting heavy items or playing a new sport. The pain may also occur because of repeated stress on the back that gradually turns into an injury. Our physiotherapists use a number of strategies to assess and treat spine and back pain.


With the busy lives we lead physical exercise can be inconsistent and our physical condition can deteriorate before we realise it. Physiotherapists are experts in exercise programs for both the fit, healthy person who requires specific fitness and injury prevention advice, and for the injured or disabled person who has specific needs and considerations.

Muscle Pain

Muscle aches and pains can involve more than one muscle and can also involve ligaments, tendons and the joints they cross. Our physiotherapists can assess your muscular pain and develop a treatment plan which may include exercise programs such as clinical pilates, muscle and posture re-education and soft tissue mobilisation (massage).

Joint Pain

Joint pain is extremely common and may result from disease or injury. Knee, shoulder and hip pain is the most common but joint pain can affect any part of your body, from your jaw to your ankles. As you get older, painful joints become more common. Our physiotherapists can assess your joint problem and develop a plan which could include strengthening the muscles around the joint, stabilizing the joint or improving the range of motion of the joint.


Whether your injury is from work, sport, driving or life in general you’ll find that physiotherapy is an important part of your rehabilitation. Physiotherapy treatment will reduce pain and stiffness and promote healing so you can get back to your everyday activities and hobbies as soon as possible.

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Our Services


Our physiotherapists are trained to assess your condition, diagnose the problem, and help you understand what’s wrong. Your treatment plan will take into account your lifestyle, activities and general health.

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Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is the therapeutic application of Pilates movement control exercises to the treatment of a variety of injuries, particularly those of the neck, back and shoulder girdle with exercises specific to your needs.

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Post-surgical Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy is an essential component to many surgical procedures which aims optimise your recovery; successfully return you to work and recreation; and return you to your prior level of physical function.

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Headache Management

Physical and manual therapies can lead to substantial and sustained reduction of headache frequency and intensity. Physiotherapy treatment can hasten healing and decrease the chance of recurrence.

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Jaw Joint Management

TMJ is multifaceted strategy which relieves muscle spasm and improves joint alignment, thereby improving the ability of the jaw to open and close without pain, even when these disorders have become persistent.

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DorsaVi Analysis

DorsaVi is used to assess lower back movement in the clinic, at home and at work. It is used by our physiotherapists to provide live training and real-time feedback to you to help you modify and re-train movements.

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