Telehealth Video Consultations Now Available!

Amid the uncertainty of COVID-19, we are determined to continue to service our patients to ensure that they remain healthy and active.

As primary healthcare professionals, it is also important that we help in easing the pressure on Victoria’s healthcare system. To achieve these goals, we are implementing Telehealth virtual (video) physiotherapy and rehabilitation consultations beginning immediately.

What are Virtual (video) Consultations?

Telehealth consultations are very similar to in-clinic consultations. This online system allows us to provide 1:1 physiotherapy services via video link within our exercise software. You will be able to see your physio, and your physio will see you. You will then undergo a regular physiotherapy treatment session, including:
– Assessment and/or Review of your injury
– Diagnosis
– Education and Advice
– Treatment
– Guidance through Exercises and Stretches designed to alleviate symptoms and rehabilitate your injury
– A Personalised Rehabilitation Program through our exercise software

Patients are then able to access their rehabilitation programs at all times through the online software and/or mobile app.

Follow-up consultations will take place as normal, where your physio will review your progress and assist your rehabilitation.

If we felt you needed any equipment such as a brace or needed further medical input we can then
refer you to the appropriate service. If you are a follow up patient your consult would involve
updating any rehabilitation and ensuring you have measures in place at home to keep you out of

What about Pilates?

Telehealth video consultations are a great opportunity for our Exercise Program patients to transition from in-clinic programs to at-home programs. Regular Telehealth video consultations with your physio provides the same level of care and expertise as our regular exercise program, with the addition of allowing you to perform your exercises at home.
All patients will receive a new program as part of these sessions, with updates provided within your follow-up sessions.

Chloe Explains More about Telehealth Consults Here:

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