Pre- and Postnatal Clinical Pilates: How can it help you?


In our last pregnancy vlog Chloe detailed how pregnancy and post-natal Pilates is beneficial.  Here are some commonly asked questions about our pregnancy and postnatal Pilates classes.  For more info check out our video’s in the blog section of the website or feel free to give us a call to discuss whether these classes are right for you.

Is Pilates safe for me during pregnancy?

Pilates is a great form of exercise for any new or expectant mums.  Pilates is safe at all stages of pregnancy as long as you have clearance from your obstetrician and no contra-indications.  Your physiotherapist will tailor a specific Pilates program for you based on your stage of pregnancy.  Positions will be modified accordingly to make you comfortable and safe during your exercise session.  During such an important time in your life, your safety and the safety of baby is our highest priority.  This is where clinical Pilates is so beneficial – no unsafe generic programs!


How can Pilates help me during and after my pregnancy?

How long have you got?!  There are a huge number of benefits Pilates offers especially during the pre and postnatal periods.  Below we have listed a few ways it can help you – however it is important to remember that prevention is better than cure.  Even if you have no aches and pains now; chances are they will occur at some point in the pregnancy.  It is also especially important to work those stabilising muscles (while you have time!!) before baby arrives – this then helps with the load of carrying/feeding a sometimes very squirmy child!

  1. Stability/Strengthening:  This is probably the most obvious and well-known benefit.  During pregnancy your joints become lax in preparation for labour.  This is a natural process but can sometimes result in instability and pain.  Pilates strengthens your deep abdominals, glutes and general postural stabilisers to counter this and relieve pain.  Pilates also helps with pelvic floor strength which is hugely important for labour and post-delivery.
  2. Breathing: During your Pilates classes you will be taught a how to use your diaphragm when breathing to fully open the lung fields.  This is important whether pregnant or not – but is especially helpful in preparation for labour.  It is also a great relaxation tool at a time when you are normally under a bit of stress.  Towards the end of your pregnancy this can be helpful when you start to feel a little short of breath from baby taking up so much space!
  3. Balance: As your baby grows and gets bigger you will notice that you start to feel a bit unsteady on your feet!  This is normal as your centre of gravity moves forward and your body tries to adjust.  Pilates can help by using specific balance training exercises to help you feel more confident in your stability
  4. Posture: This ties into the strengthening mentioned above – but posture is super important once baby is here.  Your body is already under increased postural strain while pregnant; couple that with the demands of looking after a newborn and you start to realise how much of an affect posture can have on aches and pains!
  5. Relaxation/Social: Do something for yourself Mumma!  Aside from strengthening, Pilates is a great way to tune in to your body and create greater awareness.  By joining our pregnancy/postnatal classes you will also get the chance to meet other new or expectant mums who will totally relate to where you are at!

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