The goal of our occupational therapist is to enable you to participate in the activities of everyday life by working with you, your carers and your community.  This will enhance your ability to engage in work, recreation and general life functions.

Our occupational therapist can help:

Rehabilitation and aged care

  • With regaining or enhancing their daily lives after specific events such as hip replacement or stroke
  • By assessing and modifying home and community environments to improve their safety and independence
  • Recommending and demonstrating the use of adaptive equipment

Acute Care Patients

  • With specialist interventions in various health conditions including surgery, burns, HIV and acute mental health
  • By assessing cognition, function and psychosocial needs
  • By monitoring function and progress, prescribing adaptive equipment to ensure safety upon discharge from hospitals

People with Injuries

  • Through specialised assessments to determine the functional requirements of various jobs and clients’ capacity to return to work
  • By designing and coordinating graded return to work programs
  • Education in safe work practices
  • Recommending modifications to the work environment to prevent or minimise injuries

Mental Health Sufferers

  • By designing individual and group programs and activities to enhance independence in everyday life
  • By developing coping strategies
  • By improving clients’ confidence and self-esteem in social situations