Podiatry seeks to diagnose and treat medical and health issues of the lower limb and foot. Such problems include, but are not limited to, injuries of the feet and lower limb, complications related to serious health concerns such as diabetes, general movement as impacted by the foot, and skin conditions including problems originating from one’s toenails.


Our Podiatrist

Matthew Fieldsend

Matthew has completed a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Anatomy and Physiology through Monash University as well as a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Podiatric Practice through La Trobe University.

Matthew enjoys treating in all areas of podiatry including general care and diabetes management but holds a particular interest for biomechanics and management of musculoskeletal injuries of the foot and lower limb.

Matthew himself has a keen interest in many sports. He has played football at TAC and VFL level, and continues his career as past captain of De La Salle Old Collegians Football Club in the VAFA. In his offseason he also enjoys keeping extremely fit by competing in Ironman events. Matt grew up in nearby Ashburton, and is looking forward to continuing his career in an area more local to family and friends.



Our Services

In assisting with your issue, a qualified podiatrist can help treat your foot and lower limb in assisting your return to health. Our podiatrist Matthew is an expert in many treatment modalities. In helping you, Matthew will provide:

  • An assessment of your injury/condition
  • A clinical diagnosis of your issue
  • A thorough treatment plan to assist in returning you to health
  • Hands-on treatment methods

Treatment Methods:

  • Exercise Programs to Improve Mobility and Strength to the affected and surrounding areas
  • Advice and Education
  • Assistance via Clinical Aids such as Orthotics, Splinting, Mobility Devices, and Support Aids

Integration with Physiotherapy:

Matthew works closely with our qualified physiotherapy staff in assisting all clients to achieve the highest possible outcomes. This includes consultation with, and referral to Bluff Road Physiotherapy and North Road Physiotherapy. Such an approach ensures a thorough and wide-ranging clinical approach to your issue.



Location and Hours

Located @ North Road Physiotherapy

1129 North Road

Oakleigh, VIC 3166

Phone: (03) 9570 2277

Email: reception@northroadpodiatry.com.au

Hours: Friday – 11am – 6pm


Do I need a referral to see a podiatrist?

In most cases you do not need a referral to see a podiatrist. As an Allied Health Service, podiatry is covered via Private Health Insurance.

North Road Podiatry also accepts clients from the following funding and referral channels:
– Chronic Disease Management (care plan) programs
– Work Safe
– Department of Veterans Affairs