Musculoskeletal Pain During Pregnancy

I’m getting stiff and sore in my muscles and joints during my pregnancy, but I was fine before. What does this mean?


Pregnancy is an exciting time for most women – unfortunately pelvic and postural pain can distract from enjoying it.  Pelvic Girdle Pain or PGP is extremely common during pregnancy.  PGP is an umbrella term for a range of pain disorders of the pelvis and lower spine.  This includes low back pain, Sacroiliac Joint pain and Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction commonly referred to as PSD.

One common factor with all of these issues is instability.  During pregnancy your body produces high levels of the hormone Relaxin.  This hormone is essential as it relaxes the joints around the pelvis to accommodate your growing baby, and allows the pelvis to separate in preparation for labour.


However, sometimes, the joints of the pelvis can separate too much or too early.  This, coupled with the growing load of baby, puts a large strain on the pelvis and lower back.  Some women experience mild pain, but for others, PSD especially can be debilitating and can even result in them needing to use crutches – the last thing you need in the lead up to baby!!  Continuing Pilates or speaking to your physio about appropriate stability exercises can help to prevent these issues.  If you are already experiencing symptoms, hands-on physiotherapy can be highly beneficial in reducing and controlling your pain for the remainder of your pregnancy and beyond.


For a detailed explanation of MS pain during pregnancy, see our interview with Chloe below:

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