Benefits of the McKenzie Method

  • Centralise symptoms into the middle line of the body to eliminate referred pain
  • Reduce and eliminate lower back pain
  • Provides a long term prevention strategy

What is the McKenzie Method?

The McKenzie method is a comprehensive approach to the spine based on sound principles and fundamentals that have proven very successful. It uses a classification-based treatment for lower back pain.

The Three McKenzie Steps

  1.  Evaluation – The McKenzie classification of spinal pain provides reproducible means of separating patients with apparently similar presentations into definable sub-groups (syndromes) to determine appropriate treatment.  The evaluation involves:
    • Systematically applied mechanical forces
    • Uses pain response to monitor changes in motion/function
    • Identifies for each individual patient the pain cause
  2. Treatment – The choice of exercises in the McKenzie method is based upon  single direction of repeated movements or sustained postures which leads to sequential and lasting abolition of referred symptoms and subsequent abolition of any remaining spinal pain.
  3. Prevention – You will be taught how to self-treat the problem. Regular exercises and self-care behaviours will minimise the risk of recurrence and allow you to rapidly manage symptoms when they occur.