Common Musculoskeletal Conditions Post Pregnancy

I’m no longer pregnant, why am I so sore?


As we spoke about in the last blog – pain during pregnancy is a big issue for some women; but it goes away post pregnancy, right? For some, yes – once baby is born the pelvic load is reduced and so pain subsides.  For others however this pain can continue or become chronic at a time where new mums are at their most vulnerable! This is why it is so important not to ignore those little niggles during pregnancy, and to be proactive about a stability program.


In the last blog we also spoke about the role of the hormone Relaxin. For most women there are still high levels of Relaxin in the blood stream 6-12 months post pregnancy. Furthermore, just because baby is out doesn’t mean your body gets a break! Breastfeeding, holding baby, lifting baby – these activities force you to adopt awkward prolonged postures. This is where Mums need to be careful with allowing the body to heal naturally. There are a lot of pressures on women to just “bounce back”, and this results in some rushing back into exercise or attempting high impact exercise before their body is ready. Speaking to your Doctor and Physiotherapist about what exercise is appropriate is imperative. With that in mind, common issues we see in women after they have given birth are:

  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain – Upper and Lower
  • Wrist Pain


To address these concerns, we are having tremendous success by helping to improve strength and posture using pilates. For more, see here:



Our take home message? Be kind to yourself! Your body has just gone through its greatest physical test and you need to allow it to heal.  Speak to your Physio about low impact exercise and stability exercises such as Pilates that can help to prevent ongoing issues while still protecting your recovering body.

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